Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing, carried out by using a specialist manual hand tool which holds disposable micro-blades. The pigment is implanted into the lower epidermal layer of the skin.  Microblading creates a natural looking crisp hair stroke for an overall more realistic natural looking brow.

Microblading is suitable for those who

o   Want thicker brows

o   Want more even brow shape

o   Require greater brow definition

o   Would like a more permanent darker brow colour

o   Have sparse or no eyebrows

o   Often use makeup to enhance brows and would like a more permanent look

  • Consultation and patch test at least 24 hours before the procedure
  • Before the procedure – agree the pigment shade to be used matching to your skin tone and natural hair colour
  • Agree shape and hair stroke requirements
  • Apply topical anaesthetic (this can be reapplied during the procedure when necessary to keep you as comfortable as possible)
  • Mark and measure brows to outline work area
  • Implant pigment into the skin using a manual blade tool creating semi-permanent hair strokes
  • Once the initial session is complete a protective balm will be applied and you are ready to leave with an aftercare sheet and balm to use at home.
  • After 4-6 weeks you will need to come back for the second session as per the first to touch up any areas where more pigment may be required and or enhance the brow look already established. This is included in the initial price.
    • The durability of the pigment depends mainly on your skin type, age and lifestyle.
    • The results of microblading generally last 12-18 months before requiring a top up session to keep the look.
    • Skin and brow types can vary, please note some people may need a top up sooner.
    • Micoblading – including patch test, consultation, initial and top up session at 4-6 weeks £250
    • Top up session 12-18 months following initial procedures £100 – £130

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